We connect business and art to create an attractive brand

We are a studio that deals with design and brand communication. For more than 12 years, we have been working withcompanies from all over the world and our primary goal is to combine art and business so we can give you a functional design that sells.

Branding and communication identity

A brand is not a logo, it’s not a product or a promise, it’s not even a feeling. 
A brand is the sum of all the experiences you’ve had with a company. We create visual identities for businesses of all sizes, ranging from startups to established brands. Along with brand strategy, we will also provide you with precise instructions and documentation on how to keep your brand consistent and strong.

  • Attractive brand
  • Logotype
  • Brand manual
  • Communication Identity
  • Typography
  • Naming
  • Corporate identity
  • Product package
  • Communication strategy
  • Print design
  • Presentations
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How we do?

1. Discussion

At first we will ask you a lot of questions. We need to learn everything about your vision and your goals.

2. Research

We will provide solutions based on a thorough analysis of the competition and the market.

3. Strategy

We will design a visual and a communicative tone for the brand to define the direction.

4. Sketching

With paper and pencil, we will design the first curves and begin to shape your brand.

5. Design process

Subsequently, we transform the designs into a digital vector form.

6. Art direction

Details matter. We polish shapes and test out new styles that communicate with the brand.

7. Design manual

We will create a manual for the use of the brand and preserve its consistency for future use.

8. Collateral design

We can also help with the individual elements of brand identity. Business cards, letterheads, promotional materials...

9. Closure

The final presentation and closure of the project. This is where we say goodbye, but you can call us at any time :)

90%Ninety percent of all purchasing decisions are based on emotions. Only later does the brain see logical justification. Visual impulse often determines the perception of product quality or business.

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Our clients & friends

Vladimír with Naum made us a UX and UI product website, almost from no brief.

He was able to tastefully complete the missing assets according to the brand design manual, including copywriting, thus offsetting the missing CMO in the process. Things delivered from day to day and meeting deadlines, including not exceeding the moderately estimated budget, are a matter of course. Fast iterations thanks to quality drafts, of which at least one could always be considered the final :). Precise work, great mood, great value for money.

Vladimir Krajcovic is a digital esthete par excellence.

His broad-spectrum outlook and exceptional approach turned an unpleasant obligation ( redesign delayed for years) into a pleasing cooperation with a result that really exceeded all expectations. I will definitely contact Naum studio (or it has already happened so tentatively) when working on other projects.

Recently, we went through the creation and redesign of two of our brands: Instarea & Market Locator. Each project was different from the other and Naum made sure each had its unique identity. We love the result!

The birth/redesign of an identity and webpage is no simple task with lots of back and forth communication + heaps of creativity. I really felt Naum excelled in this, setting clear expectations, creating a strong concept and then putting in tonnes of effort and guidance to deliver an artistically and technically polished result.

Big clients trust in us Join them

It's not just business for us, 
it's a partnership.


We appreciate sincerity. If a problem arises, we deal with it together. The road to mutual satisfaction is trust, respect, and, above all else, communication. We see cooperation with each client as a partnership.


Our most sophisticated weapon is design, creative problem solving, and empathy. Our main designer and founder was even chosen to become a juror for the “Oscars” of online websites, We do standard things in nonstandard ways at the global level.

Quality over quantity

The problem with most agencies is that they do a lot of things in a short time. Because of that it is difficult to take care about the client's problems. Our philosophy is not to do many projects at once and push prices down, but to be more involved and more thorough.

Small team

We believe that a personal approach with the client can produce better results. Communicate directly with our designer, strategist, or our programmer.

We respect deadlines

We value our client's time. If the situation experiences complications and we enter “crunch time”, we can adapt. We expect the same approach on the part of the client, both during the communication and in the payment of invoices.

Design in an investment

It's your face, the way the others see you. We bring clients a value that earns them money for a long time. We are not the cheapest, but we do things that work, excel and match the price.

Own projects

We help grow our clients, but we grow ourselves. We create our own projects to which we devote a third of our time. We know how to test what works on our own skin and often better understand the client's real experience.

We know what we are doing

At the same time, we do not prevent discussion and relish other perspectives. It is important to know how to make compromises. However, it is also important to not forget that the client is the one who best understands their business.