A brand new digital home for big data monetization company

Instarea, s.r.o.

Instarea is a “laboratory” for innovative, big data, monetization ideas within the international Adastra group. Their vision is to change the world for the better, through data.

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  • UI / UX
  • Webdesign
  • Development
  • Wordpress

Our mission was to make a brand new website presentation for the Instarea company, to communicate their products and internal activities. As always, our strategy was to present the design in a minimalist way, with a strong focus on the main components and content. Bold typography, neat colors and symbolic illustrations create harmonious contrast between content and background.

font family Setup grotesk

Realigned equestrian fez bewilders picky monarch

Realigned equestrian fez bewilders picky monarch
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Art of subpages

Instarea is not another cold corporation. It has a soul which wanted to shine through in the work we produced. We used a friendly voice of communication, a humorous 404 error page and small details like add light-hearted GIFs to the content, showing the youth and ambitious nature of the team. The career subpage will motivate potential future talents to join this family, because it shows that this company is not just about the work.


In this era of mobile phones, a must-have option is for websites to be responsive and mobile-friendly; that they work across all platforms.

We consider this a fixed part of our development process – as you need to breathe, a website needs to be responsive.

Art Director
Vladimir Krajcovic
Vladimir Krajcovic
Jakub Rusniok
Project managment
Vladimir Krajcovic
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