A brand new digital home for big data monetization company

Instarea, s.r.o.

Instarea is a "laboratory" for innovative big data monetization ideas within the international Adastra group. A young committed team, with fresh thinking and a lust for adventure define us as a company. We yearn to change the world for the better through data.

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  • UI / UX
  • Webdesign
  • Development
  • Wordpress

Our mission was to make a brand-new website presentation for Instarea company and to communicate their products and internal life with activities. As always, we are trying to do everything in a minimalist way with a focus on the main components of presented content. Bold typography, neat colors and symbolic illustrations create a positive contrast between content and background.

font family Setup grotesk

Realigned equestrian fez bewilders picky monarch

Realigned equestrian fez bewilders picky monarch
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Art of subpages

Instarea is not another cold corporation; it has its own soul and we want to present it in the same way. We used a friendly voice of communication, humorous 404 error page and small details like attached funny gifs in the content to create a familiar feeling of a young and ambitious team. The career subpage will motivate potential future talents to join this family because it's not just about the work.


In the era of mobile phones, a standard and must-have option is to create a responsive and mobile-friendly website that works across all platforms. We don't discuss this with a client

and we take it as a fixed part of our development process. As you need to breathe, the website needs to be responsive.

Art Director
Vladimir Krajcovic
Vladimir Krajcovic
Jakub Rusniok
Project managment
Vladimir Krajcovic
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