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When it comes to humans, the one with the best sense of hearing is the first to rise and the last to die. In the womb, an unborn child reacts to sound within the first 4 months and even people who are unconscious or in a coma have the ability to hear. Sound is a powerful instrument.

Let’s take a look at Calmind – the second in-house product from Naum.

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Every one of us has sometimes experienced a decrease in productivity, usually when it’s linked with lack of sleep. After a lot of research done with a specialist, we discovered a solution that can help productivity, and all you need is your phone. Did you know you can also boost your daily activities, such as reading, writing or studying in this natural way - just by listening to the right sounds. Yeah, it really is magic.

We wanted to remove any complexity and set up a simple, minimalist way of promoting its main features. So this mobile app and web platform are gradient-orientated with soft, calm interactions that reflect certain noises and feelings. Discover Calmind for yourself, using the official page link below.

Art Director
Vladimir Krajcovic
Vladimir Krajcovic
Web Development
Jakub Rusniok
iOS Development
Tomas Perzl
Concept & Idea
Vladimir Krajcovic Ivan Capkovic