Improve your productivity with Calmind


In humans, the sense of hearing is the first one to rise and the last one to die. In the fourth month of pregnancy, the unborn child already reacts to sounds, and even people who are unconscious or in a coma can hear. Sounds are powerful instruments.

Well, let’s discover the Calmind, our second great in-house product.

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  • iOS Development

Every one of us has sometimes a problem with a decrease in productivity or some kind of sleep problems. After a lot of researching with a specialist, we found a solution that helps you everywhere and all that you need is just a phone. You can also boost your daily activities, such as reading, writing or study with natural way - just by listening to the right sounds. Yeah, that's the magic.

We needed to reduce complexity and set up a simple minimalist way to promote the main features. Mobile app and also web platform are gradient-oriented with softly and calm interactions to aware noise feelings. If you want to discover more about Calmind, visit our official page below!

Art Director
Vladimir Krajcovic
Vladimir Krajcovic
Web Development
Jakub Rusniok
iOS Development
Tomas Perzl
Concept & Idea
Vladimir Krajcovic Ivan Capkovic