Product development of a popular NFT oriented platform.


Meet notfin. The first NFT directory created for artists by artists. Discover noteworthy upcoming NFTs. And cherish the art. We completed a full branding for notfin, supported by a brand new website with an optimized user experience and CMS integration.
  • UI / UX
  • Web design
  • Branding & positioning
  • Naming
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Wordpress optimization
  • Development
  • i0S & Android development
  • Copywriting
  • PPC campaigns
Branding solution

After extensive competitor research, we identified a color space and developed visual language specifically designed to help notfin stand out from the rest of the market. Naming was created with a hidden message that reflects it’s not about finance, but art at first.

New design language & website architecture

Our goal was to improve the visual look and feel of the website, increase conversion rate and improve the experience of discovering new NFT projects on market. In addition to that, the new design language needed to focus on accommodating both the project makers & buyers. Based on research results we choose the design-centric way to out beat the competitors and attract visitors to become loyal and choose notfin as a number 1 platform to discover new projects.

There is a tons of projects, created day by day in NFT market and it’s hard to recognize which attribute indicates to success. We created a popular section, where people could vote for their favorites NFT. Success of project depends on the audience that create hype and noise. This was a great way to get new visitors who interact with the website because projects become competitive and ask their audiences to prove their interest and go vote, which brings notfin an organical source to scale platform with zero cost.

iOS & Android application

Nowadays, apps are a crucial part of brand positioning. When you have a daily-use product, people want to be closer to you and interact with your project in a direct way without opening a browser & typing a URL. So we created a quick and easy web-responsive mobile app for both platforms. Again, as a competitive advantage, since there is no other "NFT calender" mobile app on the market.

Vladimir Krajcovic
Project Management
Vladimir Krajcovic
Jeffrey Hahn
Jakub Rusniok
Christopher Watkins
Vladimir Krajcovic
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