Redesign of e-commerce experience for a cashmere fashion company

Cashmere s.r.o.

Cashmere is love at first touch. You will feel its delicate softness, smoothness, and warmness - you will also find out soon enough that what you have in your hands is something extraordinary.

A few months ago, we have been working on redesigning an e-commerce experience. Now, we are proud to introduce you live version at -
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  • Ecommerce design
  • UX Research
  • Identity strategy

Vladimir Krajcovic is a digital esthete par excellence. His broad-spectrum outlook and exceptional approach turned an unpleasant obligation ( redesign delayed for years) into a pleasing cooperation with a result that really exceeded all expectations. I will definitely contact Naum studio (or it has already happened so tentatively) when working on other projects. is a small family company that started by importing cashmere clothing from Nepal in 2011. The quality and uniqueness of their products are the reasons why they gained customers from all across the globe.

Before & After

Kasmir is an established project since 2011. Peter asked us to help them simplify the shop design - create a mobile version and optimize UX flow. Results came very quickly with a raise in orders up to 27%.

Vladimir Krajcovic
Project Management
Vladimir Krajcovic
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