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DiffSolutions s.r.o.

Artificial intelligence for e-commerce? That’s not a far future. Czech innovative startup Samba will help you automatize capabilities and empower your business. We help them recently with rebranding the identity and created brand guidelines to define visual communication.

  • UI / UX
  • Web design
  • Branding
  • Art direction
  • UX research
  • Visual communication
  • Stationary
  • Logotype
Branding & Identity

As a part of a rebranding of Samba, our job was to refresh identity so we tuned up the old toucan logotype. Sometimes the logo doesn’t need to describe your business. But you can shine out of the crowd and make your brand recognizable by being different.

Digital home

Guess, what was the crucial part of Samba redesign? Yes, the new website. The new one includes rich & clear information about what Samba does. We clothed it in brand new colors and animated explanations help to enrich the user’s experience and knowledge much faster than the tone of texts. Make it easiest as possible.

Before & After

Vladimir Krajcovic
Project Management
Vladimir Krajcovic
Vladimir Krajcovic
Art Direction
Vladimir Krajcovic
UX advisor
Viktor Golias
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