Showcase of brands and packaging designs from 2017-2020


In process of creating a strong, positive perception of companies, we identified several brands and concepts from different industries between the years 2017-2020. Industries are pretty different - technology, telco, sport, adult, religion, consume, non-profit, etc.

  • Brand strategy
  • Art direction
  • Consulting
  • Digital strategy
Kompozitum concept

The portfolio of Kompozitum includes carbon products, specialty graphite products, and infiltration. In the area of the process of infiltration of carbon strips for pantograph systems of electric locomotives and other traction vehicles, KOMPOZITUM belongs to the world top. We found a space to improve the current brand, so we decided to create a unique concept that represents the value of a company. Unfortunately, the concept was not used

Young lions competition - design

The brief was clear - create a new theme for the Magio beach project for its next year - its vintage identity, new logo or symbol, and visuality, with which the client would be able to work on all their promo media, as well as the branding of the beach itself. The visuality of the beach should support the event itself, it should be summery, fresh, and different from the standard communication of the operator. We won 3rd place.

Kofila packaging contest

Art direction
Vladimir Krajcovic
Brand strategy
Vladimir Krajcovic
Next project

We’ve been working with a smart marketing platform to complete their identity & web